“Can’t wait for Christmas” … hang on, we’re still in Summer.

I said it myself only yesterday. With a dramtic sigh I uttered the words ” I can’t wait for Christmas” Perhaps this is because the weather was starting to look less Spanish summer like and more well… English summer like or perhaps it was the employee at the Fruit and Veg shop who announced to everyone within the vicinity that it was “roughly only 20 weekends till Christmas” or the fact that Michael Buble’s christmas album has been playing at work which put me in a christmassy mood. Either way, I still have to remind myself that it is still summer regardless of what the weather is like outside, but the thought of christmas movies, quality street, gingerbread and the dozens of other things that christmas has to offer kind of has me wondering how quick the next few months are gonna go.

However, with another heatwave heading for the UK, I’m going to soak up the sunshine and put my winter thoughts at the back of my wardrobe with my wool jumpers.Image